25 Questions to Consider Before Getting An English Foxhound

25 Questions to Consider Before Getting An English Foxhound

English Foxhounds are social dogs that are known for being determined, intelligent scent dogs. Interestingly, this breed is not traditionally kept as a family pet. This is because English Foxhounds are typically kept in kennels and go hunting with humans and horses. Although, it is common for people to have retired or older Foxhounds as family pets. If you are considering getting an English Foxhound it is really important that you understand the specific needs of this breed so you can decide if they are a good fit for your home and your family.

1. Are English Foxhounds good for first-time owners?

No, English Foxhounds are not the best option for first-time owners as they have very specific needs. Although Foxhounds are lovely, friendly dogs, they need strong leadership and lots of exercise. This breed is best suited to a working environment where they can live in a pack. After they retire, they are suitable family pets for experienced dog owners.

2. Do English Foxhounds make good family pets?

When these dogs are young they are best suited to a working environment or living with an active family that has other dogs. If they are given enough exercise and mental stimulation, the friendly, affectionate nature of the English Foxhound makes them a great family pet. This is particularly true when English Foxhounds retire from hunting, at this stage they make excellent family dogs that are happy to live in a home environment.

3. Are English Foxhounds good with children?

Yes, these friendly dogs are great with children. However, they can be excitable so it is worth keeping an eye on young children so they don’t get knocked over by these large dogs. Foxhound puppies can play rough so keep this in mind and try to keep interactions between kids and puppies calm.

4. Are English Foxhounds friendly?

Yes, this breed is very friendly and is affectionate with their family. They don’t like to be left alone and enjoy being around people and dogs.

5. How big are English Foxhounds?

English Foxhounds are large dogs that stand between 58 - 64cm tall and are usually between 27 - 35kg in weight.

6. How much exercise does an English Foxhound need?

Foxhounds have a lot of energy, they are known for having incredible stamina and are able to run with horses for hours without tiring. This means English Foxhounds need long walks of at least 2 hours each day and lots of off lead exercise to keep them happy. English Foxhounds also respond well to participating in dog sports and scent exercises.

7. Do English Foxhounds shed?

Yes, the short double coat of the English Foxhound does shed moderately year round. You can expect to get the hoover out frequently to pick up hair they have shed.

8. How much grooming does an English Foxhound need?

The short coat of a Foxhound is low maintenance. They need to be brushed on a weekly basis to help keep their coats clean and looking good. The Foxhound’s tight coat is extremely weather resistant so even if they get very muddy during walks, the mud will just drop off meaning these dogs rarely need to be bathed.

9. Do English Foxhounds bark a lot?

Yes, English Foxhounds do like to bark. The breed uses their voice to alert the hunt that they have found a scent so it is common for these dogs to make noise. This often extends to the home environment where they may bark or howl to let you know how they are feeling.

10. Are English Foxhounds intelligent?

Yes, this breed is highly intelligent but they are very set in their ways. English Foxhounds are willing to learn new things but they can be stubborn. As a breed that is specifically for tracking and hunting, they have strong hunting instincts that they find difficult to ignore.

11. Are English Foxhounds easy to train?

In the right hands, English Foxhounds are easy to train. They are intelligent dogs that are eager to please and they tend to learn new things quickly. English Foxhounds need strong leadership for successful training.

12. How long do English Foxhounds live?

The average lifespan of an English foxhound is 12 - 14 years. They are known to be a healthy breed with very few hereditary issues.

13. Are English Foxhounds good with other dogs?

Yes, English Foxhounds are extremely social and get on well with other dogs.

14. Are English Foxhounds good with other pets?

English Foxhounds have a high prey drive which means it’s best to keep them away from smaller animals and animals that they have not grown up with. This means it is best not to have cats and other pets when you have English Foxhounds.

15. Are English Foxhounds good watchdogs?

No, their friendly nature means an English Foxhound is more likely to greet strangers than let you know about their presence.

16. Are English Foxhounds good with strangers?

Yes, English Foxhounds are very social and friendly so are good with people they don’t know. This is one of the main reasons the breed doesn’t make good watchdogs.

17. Do English Foxhounds have a high prey drive?

Yes, these dogs have a high prey drive. They have been trained to follow scents and will often start following scents they have picked up on. This means owners have to be careful when walking English Foxhounds off lead as they won’t think twice about following a scent or chasing a smaller animal. This high prey drive is also why it is best not to have other smaller animals such as cats in the home with an English Foxhound.

18. Are English Foxhounds playful?

Yes, they can be very playful dogs. English Foxhounds are known for being mischievous and clever, they are the kind of dogs you have to keep an eye on otherwise they’ll be doing something naughty. This is increased by the fact they usually live in packs so play together and keep each other entertained.

19. Can English Foxhounds live in an apartment?

No, this breed was bred for working in packs and hunting alongside horses. They are not suitable for small spaces and cannot be kept in an apartment. English Foxhounds are usually kept in kennels and often prefer to be outside. They need access to a large, secure garden so they can be outside whenever they feel like it.

20. Can English Foxhounds be left on their own during the day?

English Foxhounds prefer to be in packs, and as such they are not happy on their own. This breed prefers to be in a home where someone is home with them or they are with other dogs.

21. Do English Foxhounds like water?

Yes, English Foxhounds have no problem getting into water. They will often go through water when they are following a scent so it is important to avoid dangerous watercourses when on walks, just in case. On hot days, these dogs love a refreshing swim.

22. What health issues are common in English Foxhounds?

This is a hardy breed that doesn’t experience too many health issues. However, English Foxhounds are prone to kidney disease, heart murmers, osteoarthritis and congenital deafness.

23. Are English Foxhounds healthy dogs?

Yes, English Foxhounds are robust, healthy dogs. As long as they are fed high-quality food and get enough daily exercise English Foxhounds are healthy with few hereditary health issues.

24. Is the English Foxhound a good choice for allergy sufferers?

No, even though they have short coats English Foxhounds do shed moderately and are not a good choice for allergy sufferers.

25. How much do English Foxhounds cost?

An English Foxhound puppy costs between £800 - £2000 to buy. You can expect to pay around £100 a month on food and insurance too.

English Foxhounds are wonderful dogs, they are one of the more popular breeds for scent hunting in the UK. There’s no doubt that this breed has lots of positives; they are affectionate, playful, and relatively easy to train. However, they are also incredibly energetic, they need a job or activity to keep them mentally stimulated and they are very vocal. All of this means English Foxhounds aren’t the best choice for a family home unless you have lots of time, lots of space and a few other dogs too.

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