24 Questions То Consider Before Getting A Beauceron

By Sviat Oleksiv | Updated on October 12, 2021

24 Questions То Consider Before Getting A Beauceron

Have you ever wanted a Border Collie in a Rottweiler’s body? Have you heard about the Beauceron breed? No, this dog isn’t an actual crossbreed between Border Collies and Rottweilers but it does fit this description pretty well. This excellent French herding watchdog is big and strong, as well as smart, loyal, and obedient.

The breed also isn’t for everyone, however, as there are quite a few specifics when it comes to caring for such a dog. So, if you think you have what it takes to tame this large dog, below we’ve answered the most common 24 questions to consider before getting a Beauceron.

1. Is a Beauceron a good family dog?

The Beauceron can be a great family dog, depending on how well you train it. All in all, this is a highly versatile breed – its smarts and loyalty mean you can get this dog to do and be anything you want it to be. However, if you don’t know how to train your Beaucerong properly, the dog can become dominant and disobedient which isn’t great for such a large breed.

So, the Beauceron can be a good pt but it’s not for first-time dog owners. Extensive training is an absolute must with this breed.

2. How big do Beaucerons get?

Male Beaucerons can get as tall as 25.5 to 27.5 inches at the shoulder (65 to 70 cm) while females grow up to 24 to 26.5 inches (61 to 67 cm). As for their weight, Beaucersons can get to as much as 70 to 110 pounds (32 to 50 kg). This puts Beaucerons firmly in the “large dog” category – much bigger than Labrador retrievers and German shepherds but still smaller than the true heavy weights such as mastiffs and Great Danes.

3. Is a Beauceron a Doberman or a Rottweiler?

Neither. The Beauceron is its own breed and it fares from central France while Rottweilers and Dobermans are German guard dogs. The similarity in the three breeds’ coats does hint toward a common ancestor but most of their other physical characteristics are different. Plus, they have very different personalities.

4. Are Beaucerons herding dogs, watchdogs, or guard dogs?

All of the above. Technically, the Beauceron is classified as a herding dog breed. However, unlike other herding dogs such as Border Collies and German Shepheds, the Beauceron isn’t intended to herd flocks into groups and into certain paths. Instead, the Beauceron was meant as a watchdog and guard dog that moves with the shepherd and the flock.

This isn’t because this breed isn’t smart enough to be taught how to herd, however. The Beauceron is more than intelligent enough for such a task. However, the breed was valued for its power and strength, and shepherds preferred for it to stand guard rather than roam around.

5. Is the Beauceron breed considered smart?

Quite so. This is a big reason why the Beauceron breed is so versatile and can fill so many roles on a farm or in a family home. With enough training, you can teach a Beauceron to do anything any other dog can.

6. Are Beaucerons cuddly?

Beaucerons are very loyal and affectionate toward their family members. These dogs can display excellent obedience as long as you’ve gone through the standard obedience training routine every dog should go through. Provided that the Beauceron knows that you’re the alpha of the “pack”, it will literally “cuddle on command” and be happy doing so.

However, if you haven’t trained your Beauceron well and you’ve let it believe that it’s the alpha of the household – then it will still like a cuddle but on its own terms and only if the dog is happy with you.

7. Are Beaucerons social or are they wary of strangers?

Beaucerons are not as antisocial as most dedicated guard dogs but they are not nearly as social as a standard shepherd breed. These dogs are a “guard-type” herding breed so they’ve been bred to be wary of strangers.

This means that your Beauceron can make a great watchdog and guard dog if you want it to. However, if you want a friendly family pet that won’t bark at your guests, you’ll need to make sure you’ve socialized your dog properly and from an early age.

8. Is the Beauceron breed safe for kids?

As both a guard dog and a herding dog, the Beauceron is considered quite safe for children. You will need to introduce your dog to the child adequately, of course, and you’ll need to manage their interactions at first. From there, the dog’s protective instincts should kick in. All you’ll need to worry about then is the dog’s big size as knocks and other such accidents may happen.

One extra note is the fact that when you have your kid’s friends over, you should keep the Beauceron under supervision. Otherwise, the dog’s guard instincts can be a problem if it views the other kids as a threat to your child.

9. Can you have a Beauceron with another dog?

The Beauceron does have a dominant personality which can crash with another similar dog. However, they are not explicitly aggressive with in-group members of their pack. So, as long as your dog is well-socialized and properly trained, there should be little trouble having a second pooch. It’d be even easier if the second dog is of a less dominant breed and if the two dogs were raised together.

10. Do Beaucerons get along with cats?

As a herding dog, the Beauceron can get along with all non-canine animals as long as it’s been raised with them. So, if you already have a cat when you get your pup or if you get them together, the Beauceron will easily learn that the feline is a part of the pack too.

11. How much exercise do Beaucerons need?

The Beauceron is a very physically active breed. It needs about a couple of hours of vigorous physical exercise every day as well as plenty of mental stimulation. So, going on a couple of extensive jogging sessions a day is a good idea as is some fetch in the dog park. The rest can be done through playtime in the yard or indoors.

12. Can you have a Beauceron in an apartment or is having a yard a must?

Technically, you can, but you’ll really need to make sure that your dog is getting enough outdoor time. So, a yard does make that easier. Just make sure that it’s a properly fenced yard so the dog doesn’t run off chasing something.

13. What type of coat do Beaucerons have?

This breed has a short and dense double coat that offers excellent protection in any weather. It’s easy to brush and take care of, as well as soft and pleasant to the touch.

14. What color can Beauceron dogs come in?

Beaucerons come in similar color patterns to those of Dobermans and Rottweilers – black & tan, black & rust, harlequin ( white with black patches), and grey/black & tan.

15. Do Beauceron dogs shed a lot?

As a double-coated breed, Beaurecons do shed quite a bit. Fortunately, the short hairs are manageable to deal with. Just be prepared for the seasonal blowout In the spring and the fall when the shedding gets even more significant.

16. Is the Beauceron breed hypoallergenic?

No, not even close. If you have a family member with allergies there are very few dog breeds that’d be suitable for you and the Beaurecon is not one of them.

17. Is grooming a Beauceron easy?

Despite their serious and seasonal shedding, Beaurecons are fairly easy to groom. Just don’t skip on the regular brushing (a few times a week), bathe your dog once or twice a month, and the rest is standard – nail clipping, tooth brushing, as well as eye and ear cleaning.

18. How long do Beaucerons live?

The average lifespan of these dogs is 10 to 12 years. With proper care, however, a healthy Beaurecon can easily live beyond that.

19. Are Beaucerons a healthy breed?

Purebred puppies from reputable breeders are generally quite healthy yes. You’ll only get a sickly puppy from an irresponsible breeder who hasn’t checked his stock for health problems. In those cases, you should watch out for:

20. How powerful is the bite force of a Beauceron?

Beaucerons don’t rank as high as mastiffs and certain other breeds when it comes to their bite force. In that regard, they do seem to come near the average for large breeds which is around 225 to 228 PSI (pounds per square inch) – similar to the bite force of a Doberman.

21. Are Beaucerons rare?

Beaucerons are rarely bred and found in the US but can be more easily found in their native France and throughout central Europe.

22. How much do Beauceron puppies cost?

Most of the time you should be able to find purebred Beauceron puppies for about $1,200 to $1,500 which isn’t too pricey for a rare breed. Some breeders can charge as much as $2,500 which is steeper but if it guarantees great health, it’s generally worth it.

23. Do Beauceron ears stand up?

They do, yes. Cropping them isn’t necessary and is generally frowned upon nowadays. However, as with Dobermans, some breeders still do it nevertheless.

24. What does the Beauceron’s name mean?

The Beauceron breed, also known as Berger de Beauce or Bas Rouge, takes its name from the Beauce farming region to the southwest of Paris in central France. That’s where this breed was created to help the French farmers protect and herd their flocks.

As you can see, the Beauceron is a “high effort, high reward” breed. Both smart and loyal, these big dogs still require an experienced owner because of their sheer size and dominant personality. If you are smart with your approach, however, you can easily train this breed to be a faithful and obedient companion that perfectly fits in the “gentle giant” descriptor.