25 Important Questions To Ask Before Getting A Finnish Lapphund

25 Important Questions To Ask Before Getting A Finnish Lapphund

If you’re looking for a pet dog who is beautiful, smart, with a great personality, healthy, and quite unique, take a look at the Finnish Lapphund. This old Northern European herding breed isn’t particularly popular as a family pet but definitely deserves to be.

With a good and manageable average size and a playful and social temperament, Finnish Lapphunds are easy to train and lots of fun to be around. Yet, there are a lot of things most people don’t know about this breed. So, here are the key 25 important questions to ask before getting a Finnish Lapphund.

1. Do Finnish Lapphunds make good pets?

By all accounts, Finnish Lapphunds are actually wonderful and near-perfect family pets. They just have the whole package – health, looks, personality, playfulness, social nature, and more. The only reasons we can see for not getting a Finnish Lapphund would be if you don’t want to spend a lot of time outdoors, if you don’t like their appearance, or if you can’t find a Lapphund breeder/shelter near you.

2. Are Finnish Lapphunds good for novice owners?

Finnish Lapphunds are relatively easy to raise and train which makes them perfectly fine for new owners as well. They do have a few quirks such as their incredibly short attention span but that’s nothing even a new owner can’t work around.

3. What type of breed is the Finnish Lapphund?

Finnish Lapphunds are a herding breed. They were used to herd reindeers and other livestock. So, like all shepherd breeds, Lapphunds are incredibly smart, social, and active. Some of the most popular breeds on the planet are former shepherd breeds, after all, such as the German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, and others.

4. How big is a Finnish Lapphund?

The average shoulder height of an adult Finnish Lapphund is 16 to 18.5 inches (41 to 47 cm) for a female dog and 18 to 20.5 inches (46 to 52 cm) for a male. As for their weight, adults of both sexes will typically weigh somewhere between 33 and 52 pounds (15 and 24 kg). This makes the Finnish Lapphund a pretty moderately-sized “large breed” which is pretty great for a family dog.

5. How much exercise does a Finnish Lapphund need?

Finnish Lapphunds are pretty physically active but aren’t overly active. 1-2 hours of a brisk walk (or two walks) to and in the park per day are usually enough for this breed, especially if there’s some time spent in the yard as well. If you don’t have a yard, you’ll want to make sure your Lapphund is getting a lot of physical exercise indoors to compensate.

6. Do you need a fenced yard for a Finnish Lapphund?

You don’t “need” a yard but it’s best if you have one. Finnish Lapphunds can be raised as apartment pets but they’ll need even more time in the dog park and a great deal of exercise at home. So, a yard will be great for both you and your pet. Just make sure that it’s properly fenced and secure.

7. Can you have a Finnish Lapphund in an apartment?

It can but it’s not especially well-suited for that. Make sure that the apartment is as spacious as possible as you don’t want your playful and active Lapphund to knock stuff down as it’s running around and “getting its steps done”.

8. Do Finnish Lapphunds bark a lot?

This breed tends to bark when it’s working as it’s a part of the job of a herding dog. When at home, they can be taught not to bark with the proper training. However, if you skip that part, a Finnish Lapphund can bark a fair amount.

9. Are Finnish Lapphunds smart?

As a herding dog, Finnish Lapphunds are incredibly smart. Herding dogs have been bred for thousands of years to not just follow orders and remember patterns and routes but to literally problem-solve on the job. So, if you want a smart dog that you can teach tricks and have fun with, the Finnish Lapphund is a great pick.

10. Can a Finnish Lapphund be left alone?

Separation anxiety is a real issue for Finnish Lapphunds as is the case with all other social and highly intelligent dog breeds. This means that you shouldn’t leave your Lapphund home alone (or alone in the yard) for too long as it will get bored, anxious, destructive, and even depressed. Instead, there should always be a family member around. If that’s impossible, consider hiring a dog walker or a dog sitter. You can also arrange playdates with other dog owners when you’re at work. Or, you can just get a second dog.

11. Are Finnish Lapphunds calm?

Finnish Lapphunds are calm when they are at home with family and when they feel safe and secure. They can be pretty playful and active too, however, so this is definitely not a lap dog, even if it has “lap” in its name. Also, ** Lapphunds can be a bit “reflexive” when outside** – that’s part of their breeding as a herding dog, they are bred to always be on the lookout when they are walking their humans.

12. How do you train a Finnish Lapphund?

Lapphunds are pretty easy to train once you get the hang of their short attention span. Unlike other dogs, Lapphunds just aren’t suited for prolonged training sessions as they lose interest too quickly. So, the smart way to go about it is with quick and short training sessions, ending with a treat. Then just let your dog do whatever, and repeat the training session again later.

13. Is the Finnish Lapphund a social and friendly dog?

Very much so – as a herding breed, Lapphunds are very good with both small and large families. They can also be perfectly comfortable with strangers as long as the dog has received an adequate amount of socialization as a pup.

14. Do Finnish Lapphunds get along with kids?

Yes, quite easily. Of course, some proper socialization and introduction is still a good idea. Some supervision is also advisable while the child is still small in case of accidental knocks and falls. But, overall, Finnish Lapphunds are a great breed for families with both kids and babies.

  1. Are Finnish Lapphunds good with dogs?

They are if they’ve been properly socialized and introduced. As a herding breed, Lapphunds have no instinctive aggression toward other dogs but, to the contrary, are used to working together with multiple canines when herding.

16. Can a Finnish Lapphund live with a cat?

Finnish Lapphunds don’t have a particularly strong prey drive so they are not as dangerous to cats as other dogs. Plus, they’ve been bred around and lived with cats on farms for thousands of years. Their herding instincts should be enough for a calm life with a feline as long as the two animals are introduced to each other properly.

17. Is the Finnish Lapphund breed rare?

As a family pet, this isn’t a particularly popular breed. They rank 165/195 on the AKC breed popularity ranking for 2020 , however, this isn’t an indication of their otherwise great quality. It seems to be more of a branding thing.

18. How long do Finnish Lapphunds live?

The average lifespan of these dogs cited by most breeders is 12 to 14 years. However, this is just an average – with the right care a healthy dog can easily surpass the 14-year mark.

19. Are Finnish Lapphunds healthy?

This is a pretty healthy breed overall and it doesn’t have especially high risks for any particular disease. So, just watch out for the basics – Hip and Elbow Dysplasia , Progressive Retinal Atrophy , and others.

20. Can Finnish Lapphunds live in hot weather?

They can live in hot climates but can’t really tolerate hot weather. So, if you live somewhere hot, you’d want to walk your Lapphund out in the mornings and evenings. Throughout the rest of the day, the dog should be at home, near the AC.

Be extra careful when going on hikes or car trips – take extra water to prevent dehydration and provide shade whenever possible.

21. Do Finnish Lapphunds shed a lot?

Lapphunds shed profusely in the spring and autumn but not so much throughout the rest of the year. Regular brushing and adequate grooming are necessary.

22. Are Finnish Lapphunds hypoallergenic?

Not really – no dog is truly hypoallergenic but the Lapphund isn’t even “a little” hypoallergenic.

23. Should you shave a Finnish Lapphund?

You can cut a Lapphund’s hair but shaving is ill-advised as this dog needs its undercoat to maintain its body temperature in the summer heat as well as the winter cold.

24. Do Finnish Lapphunds need to visit a professional groomer?

They don’t “need” it but they can certainly benefit from it. Check out this video to see just what wonders a good groomer can do for your Lapphund.

25. How much is a Finnish Lapphund dog?

Healthy Finnish Lapphunds can be found in reputable breeders for as little as $600 to $900 which is fantastic for a healthy purebred pet. Avoid pet stores and puppy mills, however, as they don’t work enough to produce healthy pups.

It seems evident that whatever the reason is behind the rarity of Finnish Lapphunds, it has nothing to do with their qualities. Instead, Finnish Lapphunds are fantastic family pets and they are quite versatile and adaptable. With pretty medium care needs and great health, these dogs can give you up to 15 years of heartwarming companionship and a lot of fun.

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