Common Questions About the Cavapoo Dog Breed

Updated on: Aug 20, 2021
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Common Questions About the Cavapoo Dog Breed

Cavapoos are one of those fascinating dog breeds that one can easily liken to a mystery box – you never know what you’re going to get! That’s because they are a mixed breed. As such, Cavapoos can take either personality or physical characteristics of their parent breeds. Still, as both parent breeds of the Cavapoo are pretty awesome, the resulting crossbreed is always great too.

So, if you’re wondering what exactly the Cavapoo is, here are the 30 frequently asked questions about the Cavapoo breed and our answers.

What breed is the Cavapoo mix made out of?

The Cavapoo is a cross between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Hence, the name Cava-poo. Granted, the royal ancestry from the Cavalier’s side may not be happy with such a parrot-sounding name but the Cavapoo is every bit as dignified, gorgeous, and worthy of respect as its two parent breeds.

Is the Cavapoo breed officially recognized by most major kennel clubs?

Like most other crossbreeds, the Cavapoo is not recognized by most kennel clubs. The reason for that is simple – crossbreeds rarely have especially consistent physical and temperamental characteristics. As a crossbreed, they can look more like one parent or more like the other – it’s a matter of chance.

So, until someone creates a particular “standard” for the breed that all or most breeders willingly start to follow, the Cavapoo mix will remain “unrecognized” by kennel clubs. This isn’t a blemish of the breed, however, and it doesn’t make these dogs any less awesome than their purebred parents. It just means that you won’t be sure exactly how tall your pup is going to be when it grows up.

What other names is the Cavapoo breed known with?

The Cavapoo has a plethora of other adorable nicknames it goes by, all stemming from the names of its two parents. Some of the more popular ones include Cavoodle, Cavipoodle, and Cavi-doodle.

What color can the Cavapoo come in?

As a mix between a poodle and Cavalier Spaniel, the Cavapoo can come in any color and color combination its parents can come in. This includes white, chestnut, cream, fawn, gold, chocolate, and a few others. Some Cavapoos are bi-colored, others come in a single color, and a few rare dogs can even be tri-colored.

What type of coat does a Cavapoo dog have?

The exact type of coat of this breed also has a few variations. These include wiry, wavy, and short – depending on the coat type of the parents. In either of the three cases, the coat will be soft and pleasant to the touch, especially if you take good care of your dog.

Do Cavapoo dogs shed a lot?

Not really. The exact amount of shedding of this crossbreed will depend on which parent the pup takes more from. In either case, however, a Cavapoo will shed much less than most other breeds. This makes the breed excellent for any household looking to avoid the need for daily vacuuming.

Is the Cavapoo hypoallergenic?

No, and yes. Strictly speaking, no dog is truly hypoallergenic as that’s a bit of a myth. Every dog’s dandruff and saliva particles can cause an allergic reaction when they get in the air. Some are definitely better than others, however, and those are usually called hypoallergenic although a more accurate term would be “allergy-friendly”.

The Cavapoo can certainly be counted in that group of so-called hypoallergenic/allergy-friendly dogs. By most accounts, they rarely cause significant or any allergic reactions. That, plus the low shedding of these dogs makes them a good choice for people with allergies who want to try and get a dog anyway.

Does the Cavapoo have an undercoat?

Cavapoos do have a double coat. They have one layer of gorgeous and protective upper coat, and a second undercoat layer to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This is due to both of the Cavapoo’s parents having undercoats too – it’s a fairly common feature in a lot of European and northern dog breeds.

Does a Cavapoo dog need a lot of brushing and grooming?

Cavapoos need a moderate amount of brushing and grooming to stay pretty and healthy. Even though they don’t shed too much, their double coat can easily get matted if you don’t bathe and brush your dog regularly. A matted coat is much more than just a nuisance too – it can easily lead to various skin infections and other problems. Those, in turn, can lead to some quite nasty internal health problems.

So, a thorough bi-weekly brushing is pretty much a must. If you can teach your Cavapoo to like the brush, daily brushings can be even better. As for baths – those will depend on how much time your dog spends outside and how dirty it gets.

Other aspects of grooming such as haircuts, nail clipping, ear & eye cleaning, and dental hygiene are also important. The latter is especially important to avoid oral infections. However, if you give your dog enough chew toys, the toothbrush can only come into play once a week.

Ear and eye hygiene are also important to avoid infection – that’s easily done with a piece of damp cloth. Nail clipping can be avoided if your dog spends enough time outdoors – that way, the nails will get dulled out naturally.

Would you need to take your Cavapoo to a professional groomer often?

You can technically do your dog’s grooming at home if you get the right tools and learn the basics. Still, in most cases, we’d recommend taking your Cavapoo to the groomer at least a couple of times a year, usually around spring and autumn. Starting early in your dog’s life is also important as the sooner the pup gets used to the groomer, the better.

The benefit of using a professional groomer is simple – much less hassle for you and a much better job overall. Good groomers are also trained and experienced in dealing with matting. They can also better identify and recognize skin issues that may require veterinary intervention.

If you’re still skeptical, take a look at this video for just how transformational a professional grooming session can be.

How tall does a Cavapoo dog get?

The exact height of mixed breeds is usually difficult to assess because they can vary a lot. For Cavapoos, the most common height range is 9 to 14 inches (23 to 35 cm). It’s possible for your Cavapoo to be slightly above or below that range too, however, depending on the height of its parents.

How heavy is an adult Cavapoo?

The weight of a Cavapoo can vary even more than its height. You can easily see Cavapoos that weigh as little as 9 pounds (4 kg) and other Cavapoos that get as heavy as 25 pounds (11 kg). This is just considering healthy and fit dogs too – a large and overweight Cavapoo can be even heavier. Of course, that’s not recommended as dog obesity can be quite a problem.

Does the Cavapoo breed look more like a poodle or more like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

There’s no clear line in the sand as to which parent your Cavapoo will resemble more. Plus, at the end of the day, poodles, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels don’t have some similar physical features too, so it’s often difficult to tell which parent the Cavapoo looks more like.

How much exercise does a Cavapoo dog need?

Cavapoos are exceptionally energetic for their size. That being said, their size isn’t especially significant so they fall in the “moderate exercise needs” range. Yard time isn’t even needed as they are small enough to get the rest of their energy out indoors. So, as long as you have enough dog toys in your home and you play with your Cavapoo enough in the living room, you can easily keep your pup in shape.

Does a Cavapoo dog get along with other dogs?

Cavapoos are a “pet’s pet” as they get along very well with other dogs. This is all thanks to their mild manner and loving nature – Cavapoos don’t really have much dog aggression, if any. Even if the other dog is more assertive, most Cavapoos will happily let it be the “Alpha” and be its faithful companion instead. As long as the other dog also isn’t aggressive toward other dogs, you should have no problems.

Is the Cavapoo good with children?

Yes! Cavapoos get along very well with kids of all ages and sizes. Of course, there is a bit of know-how when it comes to introducing children and dogs but that’s normal. If you socialize your Cavapoo properly, the dog will present zero danger for your child. If anything, the child can be more dangerous for the Cavapoo as these dogs aren’t exactly big and sturdy. So, you’ll need to also instruct your kid how to behave around the dog and not to torment it too much.

Is the Cavapoo an overall good family pet?

The Cavapoo is an excellent family pet for families of any type and size. Whether you have a child, multiple children, other pets, or you’re just a couple or even a lone wanna-be dog owner, the Cavapoo will be happy and will make you happy. As long as

Can a Cavapoo dog live together with cats or other pets?

Cavapoos can easily get along with cats and other pets as long as they are properly socialized and trained. These dogs don’t have the strongest prey drive out there and their playful nature will likely take over instead. Again – just make sure to socialize, train, and introduce your pets well.

Does a Cavapoo need a yard or is it a good apartment dog?

A Cavapoo can certainly have a lot of fun in a well-fenced yard but that’s not technically necessary. These dogs are small enough to easily get all their necessary playtime indoors. Plus, this can even help keep their gorgeous coats clean and healthy.

How much outdoor time does a Cavapoo need?

About an hour or a bit more of a brisk outdoor walk is usually enough to keep these dogs in good shape. They aren’t exactly great jogging companions. However, if you’re just looking for a pup to get you to walk a bit every day, the Cavapoo is a good option.

Does a Cavapoo need to be on a leash when outside?

In general – yes. This isn’t as much of a must as it is for some hound breeds with strong prey drives. However, even a well-mannered dog should always be on a leash when outside of fenced yards and parks. Otherwise, there are just too many accidents that can happen, be it with cars or with other dogs. Besides, most countries and states have laws for keeping your dogs on a leash nowadays anyway.

Are Cavapoo dogs escape artists?

Not really. These tiny canines neither have the physical capabilities to jump over high fences nor are especially avid diggers. Besides, they are social and loving enough to always prefer being close to you.

That being said, if you leave your Cavapoo alone for too long, the dog is likely to get bored and look for ways to entertain itself. In such situations, some unfortunate escapes are possible.

Does the Cavapoo bark a lot?

Cavapoos have a below-average tendency to bark and howl. This is another great characteristic that makes them excellent apartment pets as most other small dogs love to bark at everything that moves. If your Cavapoo does start barking, however, it’s recommended to start no-bark training early on.

Do Cavapoo dogs tolerate strangers?

Yes, their social nature makes Cavapoos very good with strangers. If you’re the type of family who loves having guests over, a Cavapoo will be very unlikely to cause any problems. It’s technically possible for a Cavapoo to become anti-social but you’ll need to go out of your way to keep your dog away from people for it to start being wary of them.

Does the Cavapoo breed suffer from separation anxiety?

This is indeed one of the biggest problems of this breed. It’s not unique to the Cavapoo, however – every intelligent and social breed is prone to separation anxiety. The key aspect of this issue is that these dogs are so absurdly social, they can’t tolerate being left alone for too long.

This is why Cavapoos are not just great for families – they kind of need a family. A large enough family will guarantee that there is also someone around to keep your pup company. Otherwise, if you live in a one- or two-person household, it’s important that you work from home. This way, you can keep your Cavapoo company and avoid separation anxiety.

If you absolutely have to leave your dog home alone on a regular basis, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Get a dog walker or a dog sitter

  • Arrange for playdates with other dog owners

  • Get your Cavapoo a lot of dog toys and get new ones regularly

  • Exhaust your Cavapoo with plenty of playtime before you go out

  • Get a second dog to keep your Cavapoo company

If none of these is an option, the Cavapoo may be the wrong breed for you.

Are Cavapoo smart dogs?

Cavapoos are pretty intelligent yes. They get that from both their parents as poodles and Cavalier Spaniels are also highly intelligent dogs. So, while the Cavapoo is hardly a “working dog”, they still love performing tasks, learning new tricks, and playing with interactive puzzle toys.

Is the Cavapoo easy to train or is it stubborn?

The Cavapoo’s social nature makes it a very easy-going dog. This breed loves to please and is very easy to train, especially compared to some of the more self-minded dog breeds out there.

Are Cavapoo dogs healthy?

Overall, Cavapoos are a pretty healthy breed, yes. However, how healthy your particular pup is going to be will depend on its lineage. This makes it especially important that you get your pup from a reputable breeder. Such a breeder will gladly provide a health certificate for the Cavapoo as well as health certificates for its poodle and Spaniel parents. If a breeder refuses to give you such certificates and/or let you see the parents – just walk away and look for your future dog elsewhere.

When it comes to adopting Cavapoos from shelters and rescues, it’s harder to expect a detailed health certificate, of course. However, even then you’d do well to ask for a comprehensive vet check-up to make sure you’re getting a healthy dog. Or, if you’re ok with a not-so-healthy pup, it’s still important to know what you’re getting into.

Some of the more common ailments that can befall your Cavapoo include mitral valve disease , syringomyelia , eye cataracts, and others. As long as the pup doesn’t have any nasty hereditary problems, however, and as long as you feed, exercise, and groom your dog well, you should avoid most issues.

How long do Cavapoo dogs live on average?

The average expected lifespan of Cavapoos is 13 to 15 years. This is pretty good for a dog and quite in line with most other small dog breeds. Of course, that’s just an average too. If you take good care of your dog it can easily live up to more than 15 years and vice versa.

As this is a fairly new crossbreed, we don’t have too much data on who the oldest Cavapoo is but it’s all but guaranteed that many healthy Cavapoos have lived over 20 years of age. Both poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are known for sometimes surpassing that milestone so there’s no reason why a Cavapoo can’t live beyond its second decade as well.

How much does a Cavapoo dog cost?

The exact cost of Cavapoo pups will depend on where you get them from. A Cavapoo in a shelter or a rescue can easily be given for adoption for free or for just a couple hundred dollars.

At the same time, a Cavapoo pup from a reputable breeder can cost as much as $1,500 or even more. This is due to all the effort the breeder has gone through birthing and caring for the pup, as well as making sure it comes from a healthy lineage. All in all, we’d say that even $1,500 is low for such an awesome family pet, especially compared to other designer purebred dogs who can cost north of $3,000-$4,000.

Of course, if you choose to get your pup from a pet store or a puppy mill you can get a much lower 3-digit price. However, we strongly advise against that option. For one, such pups are usually bred with no regard for their health and genetics which can lead to some disastrous vet bills down the line.

But even if you’re lucky in that regard, you’d still be supporting the highly unethical puppy mill industry which is known for overbreeding and inbreeding their dogs to maximize their profit.

As you can see, despite being a crossbreed, the Cavapoo is one of the best family pets you can. Their name may sound like that of a parrot but they are one of the smartest, most loving, and playful canines you can bring into your life. Even though they are not a purebred dog breed, they are very easy to train, look after, and get along with. And, as an offshoot of two highly popular breeds, Cavapoos aren’t especially hard to come by too.

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