9 Things To Know Before Getting Arabian Horse

Updated on: May 10, 2021
9 Things To Know Before Getting Arabian Horse

Arabian horses are the best companion you could have! Want to know why? Let's find out more interesting facts about Arabian horses!

Did you know Arabian horses are the most easily recognizable horse breeds in the world! Not only that! They are known for their loyalty, attractiveness, and people-oriented nature. They are also very responsive to one's love and affection. Isn't it wonderful?

Arabian horses are the best companion you could have! Want to know why?

Let's find out more interesting facts about Arabian horses!

What are the main characteristics that distinguish Arabian horses?

The Arabian horse's fascinating appearance and even temperament have made it a popular breed. When it comes to endurance, stamina, and versatility, there is no match for an Arabian. Compared to other common horse breeds like the Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse, Arabians are smaller, making them less threatening to people afraid of falling. Arabians are outstanding riding horses that can be used for pleasure or racing. These horses are known to be extremely friendly and loyal to their owners.

The Arabian breed's unique combination of traits makes them exceptionally versatile horses capable of excelling as show horses, working animals, racing, or just a good friend.

9 things you should know before getting an Arabian horse

1. Arabian horses are incredibly smart

What makes Arabian's superior to other breeds? You must have heard the fact that horses are a great companion. However, the Arabian is the most sophisticated and intelligent breed, with finely developed mental functions. You would be pleased to learn about some Arabian horses' special characteristics, such as sharp memory, fortitude, and docility. Another vital trait that will fascinate you, is their responsive nature. If you treat them with love and kindness, they will become your great friend.

2. Arabian horses are excellent family pets

The Arabian breed has an exceptional affinity for humans and is known for intelligence, bravery, loyalty, and a spirited yet gentle disposition. Their friendly, faithful, and obedient behavior make them perfect as your family pets. Their affectionate personality also makes them a great companion for your children and people with disabilities. You can keep them with you as a part of your family.

3. An Arabian horse can be trusted around children

The safety of children is one of the greatest priorities. You must be concerned about keeping animals near your kids. This fear will cause you to doubt your decision to keep horses. No worries! Arabians have a very good attitude. They carry this characteristic in their genes and tend to react normally around children. They are so composed, gentle, and comfortable, even around smaller kids.

Here is a good video which satisfies you further

4. The world's most beautiful horse

The Arabian horse is regarded as the most beautiful of all horses. Certainly, the Arabian's grace and pride have drawn generations of horsemen's attention throughout history and have played a significant role in the breed's longevity. The arabian horse possesses all the desirable characteristics of an ideal horse, especially its spectacular floating trot. Let's explore some more embellishing features of Arabian horses:

  • Finely chiseled head
  • Dished face
  • Long arching neck
  • High tail carriage
  • Floating gaits
  • Small head with protruding eyes
  • Marked withers and a short back
  • Metallic coat

They are relatively short and have a compact body which makes them superb riding horses. Some Arabians also earn from just their looks by making their way into many films.

Do you want some pictorial representation of Arabians? Watch this video:

5. Fast-moving animal, perfect for racing

Arabian horses are renowned for their physical strength, graceful look as well as fast racing speeds. So, how fast are Arabian horses? You must be thinking this. Well, yes, they are excellent endurance horses and are known for their speed. In a gallop, the fastest observed time is about 65 km/h, with an average speed of 55 km/h. However, it's about 12km/hour for the trot and 6.5km/hour for the walk. Arabian horses belong to the hot-blooded category and are excellent at conserving energy while running, and have superior stamina. That's why they are primarily dominant in endurance racing and are regarded as the world's best horse for endurance racing competitions.

6. Arabian horses are good for beginners

If you are new to horses, you probably would be wondering which horse breed makes the best beginner horse. Well, Arabian horses are one of the good beginner horse breeds. Due to their small size, they can be easier to control.

The Arabian horse breed has several distinct personality characteristics that make it ideal for a beginner horse. Some are enlightened here:

  1. Temperament: genetically calm and safe enough to be near children.

  2. Ground covering gait: makes them exceptionally smooth to ride.

  3. Calmness: deadly quiet when they move and hard to startle.

  4. Endurance: can endure any harsh environmental condition and hardly get tired.

  5. Loyalty: loyal and friendly with the humans, thus make dependable mounts for new riders.

  6. Intelligence: tends to understand the rider.

  7. Obedience: listen to the commands of the rider.

7. Can easily adapt bad habits

Arabian are very intelligent horses, and due to their smartness, they are quick learners, which allows them to learn good habits within no time, but that does not mean they won't pick bad habits. They can learn bad habits as quickly as good ones. You should be very proficient while handling because these horses have excellent memories, and inconsistent handling or bad experiences will ruin them. When they're in the hands of inexperienced people, they can quickly get nervous.

8. Changes in the attitude

When a physical condition changes human behavior, how can it not affect the horse's attitude? Horses, like us, have good and bad qualities. So, what are an Arabian horse's temperament and attitude like? Whenever the horse's physical state is in distress, its mood shifts accordingly. Although they have a kind and calm temperament, they can become aggressive and stubborn due to mistreatment or poor physical conditions. So, you should keep in mind that although Arabian horses are a complete package for you, but if you don't treat them properly, they will change their attitude accordingly. So, their personality mostly depends on how you treat them.

Here are some reasons why your horse might act differently:

  • The horse doesn't feel as independent as before.
  • The Arabian is kept alone without other Arabians or humans.
  • It could be trying to dominate you.

9. Health problems:

Arabian horses have one vertebra and one rib lesser than other horses. They have their own set of genetic diseases that affect their temperament. A disease or sickness can significantly affect a horse's temperament because there is always some discomfort attached to it. Therefore, it's highly likely that your horse feels agitated because of pain due to a disease. A negative change in your horse's behavior is a strong indication of an underlying problem, and a vet should immediately be called for a checkup.

Guidelines for the riders:

It would be best to keep in mind that horses are animals, not machines, so they are not always predictable.

Here are some tips for the riders:

  • Avoid eye contact
  • Put your hand out for the horse to sniff.
  • Pat it gently
  • Mount from the left
  • Try to balance yourself
  • Do not hold the reins so tightly
  • Learn how to handle a horse on the ground.

Handling of Arabian horses:

Having proven experience training and riding Arabian horses, they have a very low tolerance for rough handling that one day mistreated them; they will remember it. Where do you begin? Well, being a beginner, you can start with various training levels step by step.

Level 1

Prepare your horse mentally, physically, and emotionally for work in the saddle. Learn the best way to communicate your horse and its needs.

Level 2

Focus on gaining control of your horse's body parts.

Level 3

Develop timing further and learn to cue your horse to do advanced maneuvers.

Here are few helpful hints to make you feel more at ease when owning and running with your Arabian horse.

Let's have a look:

  • Know how to calm your horse
  • Earn your leadership through trust
  • Learn how to communicate with the horse
  • Learn how horses learn
  • Learn body control and being light
  • Use reward training
  • Teach your horse proper cues step by step
  • Be confident in your body language
  • Do not try to dominate them
  • Never force them to do anything
  • Focus on speed control
  • Keep their mind active
  • Don't bore them

When you own an Arabian horse, you gain not only a marvelous horse but also the opportunity to live an extraordinary lifestyle!