17 Things to Consider Before Buying a Hovawart Puppy

Updated on: Nov 1, 2022
17 Things to Consider Before Buying a Hovawart Puppy

The Hovawart, or "Hovies," originated in Germany and has long been regarded as a valuable companion and guard dog. As a breed of dog developed to protect property, cattle, and even castles, their name comes from the German words "hof," which means "farm," and "wart," which means "to guard" or "to keep watch." They're descended from a breed of old working dogs formerly common throughout the Mediterranean and Europe. These lovely canines look similar to retrievers but are not as popular. Are you on the lookout for a Hovawart puppy? If yes, this article helps you get to know these pups!

The Hovawart dog is a versatile dog with an even temperament.

The Hovawart has a mild temperament and may be used for various tasks thanks to its exceptional sense of smell. Hovawarts are known for their kind demeanor towards kids and ability to get along with other pets, provided they are introduced when the Hovawart is still a puppy.

These canines are a bold and confident breed of dog that can adapt to various environments and are known for their unwavering devotion to their human family. A Hovawart will not lose its cool and will always be mindful of its surroundings. The Hovawart dogs are reliable, calm under pressure, protective by nature, confident, and capable of handling a lot of responsibility.

They make an excellent family dog.

Hovawarts are great pets for households and exceptional family pets. They can also serve as a watchdog, security dogs, trackers, and rescue dogs because of their well-proportioned build and unwavering loyalty to their master and family. They are vigilant, loyal, trustworthy, exceptionally bright, playful, and persistent.

They form deep attachments to their pack and require regular participation in family activities. The flip side is that they like to be around their owners rather than be left alone for long periods. Although Hovawarts create close bonds with their families, they are not typically diagnosed with separation anxiety. However, no dog like being left alone for lengthy periods, which can lead to the development of undesirable and destructive behaviors.

They thrive in an environment with older children.

Hovawart do best in homes with children of all ages, especially those with older kids who are more experienced with dogs. To prevent accidental knockdowns of smaller children during playtime, adults should always watch their toddlers around your Havawart dog.

They are medium to large dogs initially bred to guard livestock.

Hovawarts are huge, stocky-built canines designed to be vigilant, human-friendly watchdogs and livestock protectors. They are distinguished by a glossy, medium-to-long, weatherproof coat that may be either straight or somewhat wavy. They have sturdy personalities, and they are slightly longer than they are tall.

They are strong and physically imposing giant dog breeds with an average height between 58 and 70 centimeters and average weight anywhere from 75 to 88 pounds. However, because of their long fur, they frequently give the impression of being much more extensive and heavier than they actually are.

A Hovawart loves work and is excellent in varied canine sports.

Hovawart's working dog temperament drives it always to be productive, whether or not it is given a job. They reach maturity in about two years, and they can be found working with search and rescue operations, being part of therapy dog programs, and working as service dogs. The Hovawart is the perfect dog for canine sports like agility, obedience, or tracking.

Hovawart is not ideal for first-time dog owners.

Hovawarts are not advised for first-time dog owners since they are demanding and can be challenging to care for if their owners cannot devote the necessary time and energy.

Inexperienced trainers often act unsure around their dogs, making them nervous. The Hovawart can adjust its approach if its owner exhibits signs of nervousness or insecurity around them and may act in a dominant, frightening, and even aggressive manner. Moreover, when untrained dog owner witnesses violent or intimidating behavior from their pet, they may begin to fear their dog.

They are quite a healthy breed.

The Hovawarts are very robust, and to ensure a healthy and happy life for your pet, you need to be prepared to devote time and energy to its upkeep. A Hovawart can expect to live anywhere from 10 to 14 years on average when given a high-quality diet suited for their age and adequate care.

If you're considering bringing a Hovie into your house, it's essential to be aware that, like many other dog breeds, they have a history of experiencing a few inherited health difficulties. Some health issues that tend to have the most considerable impact on this breed are hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and bloating.

They make excellent guard dogs.

Hovawarts are born with a natural protective instinct. Because of this, the animal will exude an unusual amount of assurance and confidence. Hovawarts make excellent guard dogs since they continuously look for danger.

However, these dogs rarely resort to violence while protecting their owners, opting to stand their ground and growl at anything they find distasteful. Due to their protective nature, they need to be well-socialized and trained so they don't make poor decisions around strangers.

They are an intelligent breed.

Hovawarts have a well-deserved reputation for bravado and social boldness. They are intelligent and eager to please, so a Hovie is simple to teach if placed in the right hands. Hovawarts are highly trainable, especially if they have been adequately socialized and are given lots of positive reinforcement throughout training.

The best way to ensure that your dog learns what you're trying to teach them during training is to keep sessions as short and engaging as possible because Hovies don't respond well to longer, more monotonous training sessions. Keep in mind that their slower rate of development makes it more challenging to maintain their attention in a crowded environment.

They need to be trained and socialized early.

Hovawarts develop much later than many other breeds, usually around two years old; thus, they need to be thoroughly socialized from a young age to grow into more outgoing adult dogs.

Hovies are inherently apprehensive of strangers, but once they get to know someone, they rarely exhibit aggressive behavior. Due to the breed's independent temperament and high intelligence, training is crucial. Without it, the dog will observe a situation, decide how to react, and may harm itself or others.

They don't have a strong prey drive, so they can thrive with other pets in the house.

Sociable dogs like Hovawarts don't have a solid need to hunt or chase for food, but they might decide to pursue a squirrel or even the neighbor's cat if the whim strikes. They often get along with other pets if they are socialized from an early age, and as a result of their upbringing in the same home, they are great with children and other pets of a similar size, even the family cat.

They need a huge and secure space to roam around.

Hovawarts are best suited for homes with large, securely enclosed backyards where they can run and play at will. They don't tolerate boredom well and prefer to spend as much time as possible engaging in active pursuits.

The Hovawart dogs love to swim.

When the temperature outside rises, most Hovawarts will head for the nearest body of water to cool off. Those with a canine family member who fears the water should never coerce their pet into entering it.

The same caution should be exercised when walking a dog off-leash near more perilous waterways if the animal decides to swim and needs to be rescued because it cannot swim out.

They are pretty easy to maintain.

Hovawart shed quite a bit all year, especially in the spring and fall. A simple brushing twice or thrice weekly should be sufficient to keep their coats free of mats and tangles.

In addition, you should always examine your dog's ears and clean them if they get dirty. Taking care of their nails is an integral element of their grooming. Remember to care for their teeth as well. Tartar builds up on teeth that aren't brushed regularly with a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste.

The Hovawart has a high- energy that needs to be burned by daily exercise.

Because of their high levels of energy and intelligence, Hovawarts require regular physical and mental stimulation to thrive. For this reason, they need at least two hours of exercise per day, preferably without being led.

If a Hovie doesn't get enough mental and physical activity and stimulation, they'll get bored quickly and may even start acting out destructively.

This dog breed requires much outdoor time to run around and play. The Hovawart is not a typical city or apartment dog; therefore, keeping one in a limited space is not ideal. Daily walks, hikes, and other physical activities are required if the apartment is the only place the pet spends time.

These dogs are prone to bloating.

A healthy, high-quality diet is essential for a puppy's proper growth and development, and if you want your Hovawart to live a long and healthy life. It is highly recommended that Hovies be fed twice daily, rather than a single huge meal, to reduce the risk of bloat.

A dog's chance of developing stomach torsion is increased if exercised immediately before or after eating. Do not overfeed your dog, as this can lead to obesity and health issues.

They can withstand cold temperatures.

The Hovawart's moderate fur and short undercoat allow it to thrive in chilly climates, unfazed by cold weather. However, these furry pals should not spend much time outside because they tend to overheat when the sun is out.

Overall, the Hovawart makes an excellent furry friend to any dog owner who takes pride in training their pet and makes it an integral part of their daily routine. Finding a balanced way that includes a wide range of physical pursuits is essential for these pups. It would help if you gave severe thought before buying a dog of that breed. If you devote time to the care and maintenance of your Hovawart dog, you will surely be rewarded with the undying devotion of these four-legged buddies.