15 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smooth Collie Puppy

By Sviat Oleksiv | Updated on Nov 13, 2022

15 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smooth Collie Puppy

The Smooth Collie can be traced back to the Highlands of Scotland, where it was first developed. Many historians believe that the Collie dog got its name from the Colley, a type of Scottish black-faced sheep. The Smooth Collie has a shorter coat than the other subtype of the Collie breed and has, for a very long time, remained a pure farm and shepherd dog, bred for its utility rather than its looks. Before bringing one into your home, here is all the information you'll need about the Smooth Collie breed.

They are a herding breed.

The Smooth Collie's high energy needs result from its working heritage as a herder. Originating as working sheepdogs, they thrive on routine and when given regular, structured work. Because of their innate herding instinct, they may try to round up or chase after other animals, children, or even vehicles.

The Smooth Collies are an intelligent breed.

As an intelligent and sensitive breed, they do not thrive in an unstable environment. They need both physical and mental stimulation. They are brilliant and quick to pick up new skills and commands. If they ever get bored, they tend to make a lot of noise or have digging fits.

For optimum results, positive and reward-based training should begin while your Smooth Collie is young and continue throughout its life. Experts recommend starting your Smooth Collie's obedience and socialization training as soon as possible.

While all dogs benefit from consistent and firm leadership, these breeds are perfect for people new to dog ownership because of their innate curiosity and openness. However, an angry or rough owner quickly rattles these gentle and friendly canines.

They need to be socialized as early as possible.

With enough exercise and mental stimulation, Smooth Collies can coexist peacefully with other animals and children, but they may still try to herd them. Always keep an eye on your Collie when around kids or the elderly, who might be easily hurt. As part of their herding, Collies occasionally bump into things, which could be dangerous if you have young children.

It's crucial to expose your Collie to a variety of situations and other dogs at a young age so that they can develop a healthy sense of self-confidence and independence.

They need a lot of exercises daily.

The Smooth Collie's robust and agile body and sometimes hyper personality suggest it prefers to be busy. Although it enjoys cuddling, this former working dog has significant exercise and activity requirements. As a companion animal, the Smooth Collie is not your best bet if you prefer to spend your time lazing around the house.

They may develop destructive behaviors if neglected, under-exercised, or left alone for long periods. They enjoy playing with their owners but also enjoy other activities, such as running, jogging, playing ball, and going on hikes.

Smooth Collie is a great breed if you spend a lot of time outside and have access to places where your dog can run safely. If you want a Smooth Collie, you should have a sizable, fenced-in yard for the dog to run around when they're not out on walks.

They are quite a healthy breed but are still prone to some health issues.

The Smooth Collie is generally healthy; however, it occasionally faces off against breed-specific diseases. They are predisposed to dermatomyositis, eye anomaly, hip dysplasia, seizure disorder, increased sensitivity to multiple drugs, and many more.

They often develop a very close bond with their owners.

The Smooth Collie is a loyal family companion that is also smart, tough, and fearless. They are enthusiastic, pleasant, and eager to get to work and play. They always have a strong desire to please their masters.

Most of the time, they develop a very close bond with their owners. Collies thrive in households where their human companions can devote ample time to training, socializing, and playing with them. They're the kind of dogs that can read their owners' emotions, and they adore and require their loved ones close by.

The Smooth Collies are excellent with children.

Adding a Smooth Collie to a family with young kids can be very beneficial. Collies are fantastic family pets because of their amiability toward children. They are very caring and enjoy spending time with kids.

Collies are herding dogs at heart and like nipping at your heels when your kids play with them. Regarding the younger family members, Collies appear to have an innate fondness, and they take on roles of playfulness, guardianship, and affection.

The Smooth Collies are quite sensitive dogs.

Smooth Collies are highly empathetic and perceptive dogs with a remarkable capacity to anticipate their owners' needs. They show intense affection to their loved ones, but their sensitivity makes them uncomfortable with long periods of solitude. If you shower them with love, they will surely return the favor tenfold.

The Smooth Collies are not overly aggressive.

Any prospective owner of these dogs should know that they have evolved over centuries to make snap judgments about whether or not to use force when confronted by another living creature. Smooth Collies are not typically aggressive dogs, but they can show their drive to dominate their environment by chasing after and biting anything that moves. This may include cats, cars, joggers, hikers, other dogs, and especially young children if they need to be adequately supervised.

They are very social dogs.

The Smooth Collie makes an excellent family pet because of their high intelligence, pleasant demeanor, amiability, loyalty, love, and sensitivity. Its friendly behavior toward children and other animals and its general disposition of peace and happiness make it a top pick for a family dog. Having a Smooth Collie as a pet can be highly satisfying, and they are incredibly social and thrive around their human companions. Because of their high eagerness to please, this breed is also very simple to housetrain.

The Smooth Collies tend to bark a lot.

It's to be expected that your Smooth Collie, like any dog, will make some noise. Each dog's level of vocalization reflects its unique character and physical and mental stimulation.

Due to their high energy levels, many owners report that their Collie becomes calmer after a day of play and mental stimulation. Long periods of isolation are stressful for Collies. They get bored and bark nonstop when left alone for too long.

Smooth Collies are low maintenance.

Grooming is necessary for all Collies, but owners of Smooth Collies have it the easiest due to their breed's characteristic short coat. A Smooth Collie is not prone to excessive shedding. Regular brushing can maintain a healthy coat, which should be done at least once weekly.

Your Collie may not require frequent baths, and if you are unsure what kind of shampoo is safe for your dog, consult your veterinarian. Maintain a monthly nail trim schedule for your Smooth Collie. Weekly, you should examine Smooth Collie's ears for signs of infection, such as dirt, redness, or a foul odor. For optimal health and pleasant doggie breath, brush your dog's teeth daily.

They need a balanced diet spread into two meals.

The nutritional needs of your Smooth Collie will change as they mature, and to keep them healthy, you'll need to nourish them with complete and balanced dog food. Adult Smooth Collies only need one or two meals daily, but puppies still require up to four. It's essential to wait a reasonable amount of time between meals and workouts.

Their development requires a diet heavy on high-quality meat and vegetables. The best thing a Smooth Collie owner can do for their dog's skin, coat, and overall health is to provide a nutritious diet and feed it at the same time every day. When choosing dog food for your Collie, look for one that is high in quality protein and low in carbohydrates.

They are more powerful, bigger, and heavier than the Rough Collies.

In general, smooth collies tend to be more robust, active, and stout than their long-haired counterparts. These purebred canines are showstoppers at first sight, thanks to their good looks, athleticism, and alert demeanor. Although a frontal view of a Smooth Collie's head reveals a narrow skull, these dogs are heavier than their Rough Collie counterparts.

Despite their height, Smooth Collies never look chubby or heavy. Instead, their short, flat fur gives the impression that they are very active and athletic, resulting from the dog breed's excellent muscle distribution.

The Smooth Collie is relatively rare compared to the Rough Collie.

Unlike its longer-haired kin, the Smooth Collie was slow to gain popularity outside its native country. Seeing a Smooth Collie is still unusual in many countries today. Although the Rough Collie gained widespread attention thanks to the television star Lassie, the Smooth Collie never caught on. However, due to their friendly nature, tolerance of children, and minimal grooming needs, these pedigree dogs are quickly gaining popularity among dog owners. In addition, Smooth Collies are not overbred, unlike Rough Collies.

When deciding whether or not to bring a Smooth Collie puppy into your home, keep in mind that if you cannot provide the exercise they require, they can be pretty destructive. Although they hail from herding breeds, they are now more for companionship than work. To thrive, Smooth Collies need a lot of attention and to be around people and will do anything for some love and attention. In summary, Smooth Collies, known for their mild demeanor and sociability, get along great with kids and animals. They are very easy-going and friendly companions who will bring great joy to your home, but only if you have the time and inclination to focus entirely on your dog.