Humans have the intrinsic need for companionship because, well, we are a social, aren’t we? The Greek Philosopher Aristotle wasn’t wrong when he said that humans can never live alone, and would depend on many others for their survival or happiness. We have friendships, family and eventually get married to fulfill our social needs. 

If anything, the lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic at least taught us about how much we miss others when we are not able to meet them. Even then, the technology came to our rescue, and we still maintained contact with the world outside our homes. But what if such companionship is still not enough? Who else can humans create a connection with to feel the joy of friendship? We aren’t the only living beings on this earth, as many plants and other animals also coexist with us.

Animals have always been at the service of humans for various reasons. Sometimes humans love them so much that they decide to keep them as pets and give them all the love they have got. Most animals, no matter how small or big, can easily create a relationship with humans if you care for them. So if you want, you can always get yourself a pet and have those amazing moments, your friends usually put up on their Instagram stories. 

But the first question that might arise is: What are all the essentials that you need to get if you must have a pet? That’s a very pertinent question, and I will try to answer it in this article, so don’t go anywhere and keep reading.

Litter boxes

Firstly, you don’t want to make a mess in your living room, so get litter boxes for your pet. They use it, and then you can dispose of the mess afterward. Not many pets initially understand the concept of pooping in a litter box, so you will surely have to first potty train them about it. Once done, you will never have to worry about your pet, even accidentally making a mess.

Collars and harness

For controlling your pet, you might need to buy things like a harness or a collar when you take them out for a walk. It mostly happens with dogs, but you can do it for a cat too sometimes. Experts believe that for dogs, using a harness is much better than a collar as it distributes the pressure across the body and doesn’t result in skin strain. Collars can sometimes make dogs aggressive as they feel too much control from their owner.


A leash

A leash usually goes with collars and harnesses, so you can have your pet under control while keeping a safe distance. It is a string attached to the harness at one end and has a handle at the other end. They come in a variety of lengths, and you can choose it according to your needs and comfort.


Food bowls

Just like you need to fulfill the requirements of your stomach, the pets are quite not different. Otherwise, why else would you need litter boxes, right? Various pets have a separate food bowl depending mostly upon their neck and mouth size. You might need to get one with a rubber bottom, so it doesn’t keep sliding on the floor as your pet reaches out to it. Sliding will also make scratches on your floor, and that’s something I definitely wouldn’t want on my wooden one.



You work all day long, and then you need a warm, comfortable place to relax, well, so do your pets. They sleep a bit more than humans, so you might want to invest in this aspect of their lives. A bed that provides maximum relaxation to the pet helps their growth. Ensuring that their beds are washable adds comfort to you and the pet since you wouldn’t want to have smelly beds in your living room.



Another essential is having food for your pet. Though you can get every diet out there in the market, you must contact the veterinarian to understand what is suitable for your pet. They will inform you which one is better for you, whether dry or wet, grain or protein. Food is an essential part of our lives, but healthy eating is even more critical.


Grooming supplies

When your hair or beard grows, you either go to the hairdresser or trim them yourselves. Similarly, your pet’s body requires regular care and grooming supplies. Clipping tools will help you cut their nails to an acceptable size. Many pets enjoy getting a fur brush from their owners. On the other hand, you will need to wash them regularly, so getting a pet shampoo will be truly helpful.



It would help if you had something that keeps the pets entertained, and toys are the best way to do it. Pets love playing all the time, and if you get them toys that they love, they will never thank you enough for it. Get the toys that help their mental stimulation and make them more active. Toys that are easy to clean, durable, and replaceable if lost are some of the best kind. Toys will also help you enjoy your time with the pets better, as who doesn’t wish to play ball and catch with them?



Though many pets prefer being free, crates are sometimes a requirement to keep them safe. Containers help in carrying them around or keep them constrained in a dangerous environment in which they could get hurt. There are expandable crates available too that will help when your pet grows bigger.

Selective Focus Close-up Photo of Person Carrying a Black Cat


Gates are also necessary since pets do not have the understanding of knowing what place is off the limits. You can add foldable gates to any area you don’t want your pet to go, for instance, any area of the house that might be dangerous for them. Once you train them, they will understand on their own what places to avoid. 


Key takeaways

Keeping a pet is good to keep yourself entertained, but it is also a huge responsibility. You have to take care of these creatures like yourself or any other person dependable on you. To do so, you need some essential items that will help your pets feel at home. You need to get food, food bowls, crates, gates, harnesses, collars, leash, and many more items from the market to cater to their needs. The more things you get will only show how much you care for your pets.