Dalmatian - Dog Breed Characteristics & Care

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To say that the Dalmatian breed has a high energy level is an understatement. This is a born fidget, who is always happy to be the soul of the company, and longs for new adventures. Dalmatians are ready to spend all their free time outdoors, they will go with you to the ends of the world and this will be the best thing in life for them. Dalmatian dog breed always tries to please the owners, and receives inner satisfaction from this. In the circle of his family, or family friends whom the dog knows and also loves, there is no living creature more affectionate, friendly and devoted. With these animals it is always interesting - they can entertain with their funny antics, and in general - they are very alive, giving the impression of intelligent beings who understand everything that is happening around them.

Brief Information

Breed GroupCompanion Dogs
Height19 to 24 inches tall at the shoulder
Average weight48 to 55 pounds
Lifespan13 to 16 years