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Can Fish Hear?
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About Fish And Their Hearing Anyone who has pet fish wonders if they can hear tapping on the tank, or sounds outside the tank. Fish don’t have ears like we do, so can fish hear? Yes, fish can hear, although […]

Can fish smell? 6 facts you didn’t know
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Most people are familiar with the old wives’ tale that sharks can smell blood a mile away. This actually isn’t true for most sharks, except for some species, like the lemon shark. Such myths raise a more relevant question: can […]

Do Fish Have Tongues? (Surprising Facts you should know)
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There’s no denying that fish are strange creatures, there always seems to be something new we can learn about them. I recently heard about a food called fried cod tongue and this got me thinking about whether or not fish […]

Your Fish Can Drown In Water. Here is Why.
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It sounds like a strange question but once I started to think about it, I just had to find out whether it’s possible for a fish to drown. Flicking through biology books and trawling through educational sites has led me […]

Do Fish Have Teeth? 5 Facts You Didn’t Know
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After my husband got bit by a fish while giving scuba-diving lessons, I decided to do a little research, and I came across fascinating facts about fish I had no idea about. The most interesting information I found was about […]

If Humans Don’t See Air, Can Fish See Water?
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It’s a question that has perplexed many thinkers of the world: If we don’t see air, do fish see water? We go about our daily lives surrounded by billions of air particles that we cannot see or touch. Like our […]

Do fish have lungs? (With helpful infographics)
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Breathing is one of those few essential actions required for most life. The vast majority of multicellular living organisms on the planet – barring just a few fringe exceptions – need oxygen to survive. Different animals acquire that oxygen in […]

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