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Hi! I’m Sviatoslav Oleksiv and this web-site is the place where I nerd out about Pets. As a dog lover, I’d be happy to share my knowledge and experience, which I get raising my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy called Cooper.

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Do Shih Tzu Shed? Tips for Families with Allergies
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The small but loveable Shih Tzu is known for having a sweet nature, long hair and beautiful dark eyes. Many people believe that Shih Tzu’s do not shed and are therefore suitable dogs for people with allergies but is this […]

Do Shiba Inus shed? Tips for Families with Allergies
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The Shiba Inu dogs are a beloved breed for millions of people across the globe – dog owners and aspiring dog owners alike. There are lots of reasons to love Shiba Inus – their adorable looks, their impressive intelligence, as […]

Are Labradoodles Hypoallergenic? Tips for Families with Allergies
Written by • in Dogs

The Labradoodle is an incredibly popular ‘designer’ hybrid breed dog that originated in Australia and were originally created to be used as service dogs. This may seem odd since the Labrador has always been incredibly successful in this area, but […]

Do Dalmatians Shed? Tips for Families with Allergies
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Browsing through the dog breeds, the first thought that struck me was that short-haired dogs are likely to shed less. Coming across Dalmatians, I realized how wrong the idea was! So, do Dalmatians shed? Yes! The Dalmatians shed so much […]

Do Samoyeds Shed? Tips for Families with Allergies
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Samoyeds are well known for their fluffy white fur but how do you keep their fluffy coat looking so great? You don’t have to speak to many Samoyed owners before you find out that it takes a lot of grooming […]

How do horses sweat?
Written by • in Horses

Most mammals tend to sweat in order to relieve their heat build-up and to cool off. We ourselves are not an exception to this rule but some domesticated animals such as dogs are and cool off by simply breathing through […]

6 Facts You May Not Know About A Cat’s Tongue
Written by • in Cats

If you’ve ever been licked by a cat, you’ll know that it isn’t like being licked by a dog. Cat’s tongues are rough, and the sensation isn’t entirely pleasant. However, cat’s tongues have several purposes. They eat and drink with […]

Do Bulldogs Shed?
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Bulldogs are usually more prone to hair loss than other dog breeds are. Although bulldogs are considered as a moderate hair shedding breed, they are genetically prone to more hair shed compared to their peers in other dog breeds. In […]

Do Chihuahuas Shed?
Written by • in Dogs

Shedding and Chihuahuas – a weird combination of words, isn’t it? I thought the same until my smooth-coat Chihuahua made me reconsider the line of thought. So, do Chihuahuas shed? Yes, like any other dog, Chihuahuas also shed hair. Throughout […]

Do Maltese dogs shed?
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If you’re thinking of getting a dog, chances are that dog shedding is one of your main concerns. And if you’ve researched about dog breeds that don’t shed you’ve probably heard about the Maltese. So, do Maltese dogs shed or […]