Sviat Oleksiv


The founder, creator, and driving force of The Pets and Love, Sviatoslav Oleksiv is the heart and soul of this website. Sviatoslav was passionate about pets since his early childhood but his boundless love for the Rhodesian Ridgeback ignited in 2017 when his sister got him his first Ridgeback pup. Sviatoslav created The Pets and Love website two years later using his background as a software developer to express his fascination with the breed. However, the site quickly grew to encompass countless other dog breeds as well as cats and other pets.

Over the years, Sviatoslav went through multiple setbacks and issues but he didn’t stop working on The Pets and Love. Determined to make the site as useful and informative as possible, Sviatoslav hired other professionals and content creators to further help him make The Pets and Love as good as it can be.