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Mel Lee-Smith is a word nerd whose passion for pets knows no bounds. There was always a cuddly canine in her home growing up. A mischievous black lab named Midnight, a patient mutt named Moonie, and a headstrong Chihuahua named Peanut are just a few of the dogs she's loved in her life. She even raised a "chibeagle" named Izzy from the very moment the precious pup was born. Given Mel's intense love of dogs, you might be surprised to learn that her current fur-baby is a calico called Boo — a name befitting a cat who's terrified of her own shadow. Mel is one of the lucky ones who created a career out of her love of animals. She currently works as a freelance content writer with Wag! Walking, America’s best dog walking service. You can also find her work on the PupJoy Post and DogPeer.

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